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  1. Amazingly Mr. Bean , Rowan Atkinson  saved his family by taking the controls of a plane, preventing it from crashing. He had never piloted before!
  2. Mr. Bean , Rowan Atkinson has a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering.
  3. Warren Betty once worked as a rat catcher!
  4. Charles Bronson was a tail gunner. He completed 25 missions and was awarded the Purple Heart.
  5. Pierce Brosnan once worked with the circus as a fire eater!
  6. Amazingly when Yul Brynner had hair, it was dark brown.
  7. Nicholas Cage’s real name is Nicholas Coppola.
  8. Nicholas Cage ate a live cockroach to get a part in movie ‘ Vampire Kiss’.
  9. Nicholas Cage had teeth extracted for the movie ‘Birdy’.
  10. Amazing fact is that at one point, Jim Carrey and his family lived in a car and they all worked as janitors at a factory to make a living.
  11. Jackie Chan once shot amazing 2900 retakes for one scene involving a Jianzi game in the movie Dragon Lord.
  12. Charlie Chaplin once reshot a scene in City Lights (1931) some 342 times before he felt he had gotten it right.
  13. Amazing fact is that Charlie Chaplin once won third prize in a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest.
  14. Chaplin was once forced to pay child support for a child that wasn’t even his. When a young woman claimed that her child was Chaplin’s, blood testing determined that the child was not Chaplin’s, but the judge refused to have the test admitted into court, so he made Chaplin pay a substantial sum.
  15. Charlie Chaplin’s dead body was dug up and held for ransom for over two months nine weeks after his burial in 1977.
  16. Amazingly in his earlier days Sean Connery worked hard as a milkman.
  17. Grey’s Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey started his career as a juggling unicycle riding clown.
  18. Johnny Depp is terrified of clowns.
  19. Johnny Depp sold pens for a living.
  20. In world war II , Henry Fonda won a Bronze Star in the Pacific. David Niven was awarded the U.S. Legion of Merit. Christopher Lee was a pilot in the Royal Air Force and  won a number of awards.
  21. Amazing fact is that Harrison Ford was a carpenter on the set aged 35 . George Lucas needed someone to read Han Solo’s lines during the auditions. Harrison Ford got the break and rest is history. Film was starwars.
  22. Harrison Ford has a species of spider named after him!
  23. Clark Gable used to shower more than 4 times a day.
  24. Mel Gibson was chosen numerous times as one of Most Beautiful People and voted one of the Greatest Movie Stars of All Time. Amazingly despite all this, he met his wife through a dating service.
  25. Mel Gibson has a horseshoe kidney.
  26. Tom Hanks collects 1940’s typewriters.
  27. Tom Hanks is a third cousin, four generations removed, of Abraham Lincoln. Their common ancestor is John Hanks, who is Abraham Lincoln’s great-great-grandfather and Tom Hanks’ great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather.
  28. For the movie “Tootsie” actor Dustin Hoffman thought of the title. His mother used to call him that as a child.
  29. In “Silence of the Lambs”, Hannibal Lector portrayed by Anthony Hopkins  amazingly does not blink in any scene.
  30. No one really knew who Samuel L. Jackson was until 1994, when Pulp Fiction was released. By then, he was 46 years old.
  31. Amazing fact is that by 2006, twelve years after his break-out role in Pulp Fiction, Samuel L. Jackson’s films had grossed more money at the box office than any other actor in cinematic history (more than $3 billion).
  32. Samuel L. Jackson was part of a group of students that held a group of trustees at Morehouse College hostage, one of which was Martin Luther King Sr. The reason for the hostage situation was a demand for the school to change its curriculum and governance. The school eventually did, but Jackson was suspended and didn’t return.
  33. James Earl Jones has one of the most iconic voices of our time, but as a child, he had a severe stutter that he was so ashamed of, it caused him to be silent for nearly eight whole years.
  34. English Actor Sir Ben Kingsley’s birth name is Krishna Pandit Bhanji and he is of Indian (Gujarati) descent. He played role of Gandhi in movie Gandhi.
  35. Ashton Kutcher has webbed feet.
  36. Amazing fact was that Bruce Lee could perform one hand push ups with only his thumb and index fingers. He could also throw a single grain of rice in the air and catch it with chop sticks.
  37. Amazingly Bruce Lee was so quick that he could grab a coin out of your hand and replace it with another coin before you can close your fist.
  38. In 1962, Bruce Lee landed amazing 15 punches and a kick that knocked out his opponent in a fight which lasted 11 seconds.
  39. Bruce Lee could break wooden boards 6 inches (15 cm) thick !
  40. Amazing fact is that Paul Newmann’s own food donates 100 % of the profits to charity which has so far exceeded $ 350 million.
  41. Amazingly Jack Nicholson hates giving interviews so much that he has not appeared on a talk show since 1971.
  42. Before he pursued his acting career, Jack Nicholson worked as an office boy in MGM’s cartoon department.
  43. At age 37, actor Jack Nicholson discovered that the woman he’d always known as his sister for three decades was actually his mother.  Even on their deathbeds, neither his mother nor his grandmother who he believed to be his mother had revealed the truth to him! He came to know it later from Times reporter who investigated the truth.
  44. David Niven and George Lazenby share one unique fact.  They are the only men to play the James Bond character a single time.
  45. Before he became an actor Brad Pitt supported himself as a chauffeur, a furniture mover and a costumed mascot for the restaurant where he danced in a chicken suit to attract customers at El Pollo Loco.
  46. Amazingly a Toyota ad featuring Brad Pitt was banned in Malaysia because Pitt was too handsome!  The deputy information minister of Malaysia said, “why must we use their faces in our advertisements? Aren’t our own people handsome enough?”
  47. Brad Pitt is banned from entering China because of his role in Seven Years in Tibet.
  48. Ronald Reagan appeared in over 60 films from the 1930’s to the 1960’s.
  49. Burt Reynold’s father was the chief of police in West Palm Beach, Florida.
  50. In Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Arnold Schwarzenegger received a salary of $15 million; the 700 words he spoke in the movie translated to amazing $21,429 per word.
  51. Actor Sylvester Stallone once had a job as a lion cage cleaner.
  52. Sylvester Stallone was so poor, he had to sell his dog for $50. A week later, he sold the script for Rocky and amazingly bought him back for $3,000.
  53. Christopher Walken was a lion tamer at a circus.
  54. John Wayne (Marion Robert Morrison) starred in 14 World War II movies; however, due to a football injury, he never actually served in the war.
  55. Robin Williams used to work as street mime.

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