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Awesome Facts

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  • Amazing fact is in the late 19th century in Great Britain, attempted suicide was deemed to be equivalent to attempted murder and could be punished by hanging.
  • The first guest to enter Disneyland was a college student, Dave MacPherson. He didn’t ride a single attraction because he had to get back to school. In fact he has been awarded a lifelong ticket to Disneyland (with up to 3 guests). The ticket has since extended to include Disney parks around the world.
  • Amazingly there are giant concrete arrows dotted across America, leftover from the days of the first airmail routes. Pilots used them to navigate.
  • Amazing fact is the graffiti artist who took shares instead of cash for painting Facebook’s first headquarters 7 years ago made $200 million in IPO.
  • Ostriches are the largest and heaviest birds in the world, they can outrun Leopards, their kick is strong enough to kill a Lion, male Ostriches can roar like a lion and they can see as far as 2.2 miles (3.5 km).
  • In 2007, the Malaysian space agency in fact convened a conference of 150 Islamic scientists to determine how a Muslim astronaut on the space station should pray facing Mecca.
  • During World War II in Australia, there was a dog whose hearing was so acute that it was able to warn Air Force personnel of incoming Japanese planes 20 minutes before they arrived, and before they showed up on radar. “Gunner” was able to differentiate the sounds of allied and enemy aircraft.
  • In fact Japan imports rice from the U.S. in order to comply with World Trade Organization rules, but little of it is eaten by the Japanese. Amazingly it is given to North Korea as food aid, fed to pigs or left to rot in warehouses.
  • Marie Curie’s research papers are still highly radioactive and to access them you must sign a waiver and wear protective clothing.
  • The world’s largest parrot, the Kakapo, is the world’s only flightless parrot. It is nocturnal, herbivorous, and is one of the world’s longest-living birds with an average lifespan of 95 years. There are only 125 living individuals known and they spend their days hiding from giant eagles that went extinct hundreds of years ago.
  • A man in Miami injected himself with snake venom during most of his adult life to build up immunity to an array of venomous snakes. He lived to age 100, and survived a reported 172 snake bites. He donated his blood to be used in treating snake-bite victims when suitable anti-venom was not available.
  • In 1967, the Prime Minister of Australia Harold Holt mysteriously disappeared while swimming. His body has never been found.
  • It’s amazing that there was a woman named Veronica Seider from Germany, who had vision 20x better than an average person. She was able to identify people from more than a mile away.
  • “Starbuck” was a famous Canadian bull, whose genome was so desirable that his sperm sold was for $25 million during his life and he has more than 200,000 daughters.
  • Once the Babylonians were able to predict when solar eclipses would occur, they would install a substitute king during this period. As they believed that these eclipses were an evil omen and this substitute king could be blamed. He usually was killed after, of course making the omen true.

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