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  1. The most intriguing and the most elusive thing in the entire universe known to mankind is the Black Hole.
  2. Black Holes are nothing but remnants of dead stars now converted into Black Holes. Only stars which are 10 to 15 times bigger than sun can become Black Holes.
  3. Black holes were proposed to exist in the 18th century, but remained a mystery until the first black hole was found in 1964 called Cygnus X-1, an x-ray source in the constellation Cygnus.
  4. The bigger stars explode at the end of their life and this phenomenon is known as Supernova Explosion. When a star dies and this explosion occurs, the majority of the total mass of star is thrown out into the void of the space while only a cold remnant stays back.The nuclear fusion is responsible for generation of energy and outward pressure which neutralizes the gravitational pull of the star. After the supernova explosion, fusion reaction is completely absent and there is no outward pressure resulting in the cold remnant collapsing on itself becoming infinitely dense. Even light fails to escape from it making it completely dark and invisible called Black Hole.
  5. In fact the force of gravity is so high in Black Holes that it leads to a phenomenon where time slows down due to gravitational pull. Time completely stops at the center of Black Holes.
  6. Black Holes have something known as event horizon which is a ‘point of no return’. Every Black Hole has this boundary. Any object outside that boundary is safe , but if an object crosses the event horizon, it will have no other option but to fall into the Black Hole never to reappear.
  7. Black Holes can keep growing because anything gas, liquid or solid matter that enters the event horizon gets sucked in. Thus, Black Holes can grow infinitely large. These are known as supermassive Black Holes.
  8. The core of the Black Hole is called Singularity. This point of Singularity is the ultimate destruction point. Absolutely nothing can survive at that point.
  9. Any matter that enters the event horizon of a Black Hole is broken down into sub-atomic particles.
  10. At the point of Singularity, laws of Physics don’t exist because it is literally not possible to conceive anything that will have infinite density but zero volume.
  11. Black Holes are the densest objects we know beyond our imagination. In fact a 1 cm black hole can have a mass of entire earth.
  12. Black Holes are very much like spheres and not funnels as illustrated in some books.
  13. Stephen Hawking theorized that even Black Holes emit radiation which can result in black holes losing their mass.
  14. Black Holes eventually shrink down to the size smaller than the size of an electron . At this stage it reaches a size what is known as Planck Length which is actually the quantum size limit. Nothing can become smaller than this.
  15. Stars spin and they continue doing so even after their death. This means they keep spinning even when they become Black Holes and these Black Holes in turn keep spinning faster and faster as they keep evaporating and eventually shrink to Planck Length.
  16. Closer to a Black Hole, things simply get distorted aided by rapid spinning. The immense gravitational pull of the Black Holes have the ability to distort even space.
  17. If something travels faster than light, it can actually escape Black Hole but we haven’t found it yet in universe.
  18. Size and mass of a Black Hole are directly proportional. Schwarzschild Radius is the radius of the event horizon of a Black Hole. The bigger the radius, the bigger is the Black Hole.
  19. It is very likely that supermassive Black Holes exist at the center of almost every galaxy. When two Black Holes bump into one another, one of these two gets kicked out of its galaxy.
  20. The Black Hole that is closest to our Earth is about 1,600 light years from our planet.
  21. Our Milky Way galaxy has a supermassive Black Hole at its center known as Sagittarius A* .Its point of Singularity has a mass equivalent to the mass of 4 million sun! It is approximately 30,000 light years away from us.
  22. Sagittarius A* has come to life after a star exploded 2 million years ago , the event is called Seyfret Flare.The radiation from the Seyfret Flare 2 million years ago was believed to be 100 million times more powerful than the remaining radiation we experience today.
  23. Black Holes are believed to be terribly noisy but can’t be heard.
  24. If anyone can take a spaceship and orbit around the Black Hole outside the event horizon and then travel back to Earth, the person will actually see future because time close to the Black Hole passes very slowly compared to that on Earth and by the time the person travels back to Earth, he or she will actually outlive his or her present.
  25. Some scientists believe that if there are Black Holes that suck, there can be something exactly opposite that will endlessly spurt out matter into this universe. These objects are known as white holes. In 2006 scientists observed unusual bursts of gamma rays from an object which could be the first evidence of a white hole.

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