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Land &  Geography
  • Brazil is the largest country in South America having population of 190 million. Brazil covers 3 time zones.
  • The name Brazil comes from a tree named brazil wood.
  • Amazingly Brazil is the longest country in the world, spanning approximately 2,800 miles from north to south via land.
  • Fact is that Brazil is the only country in South America that speaks Portuguese unlike most of the other countries speaking Spanish.
  • The Amazon river , the 2nd longest river in the world flows through Brazil .It is the largest river in the world in water volume.
  • Amazingly Brazil contains no desert, high-mountain, or arctic environments.
  • Brazil has 60% of the rain forests that make up the Amazon rain forests. It also constitutes the world’s 25% of the rain forests. Amazingly 30% of the world’s oxygen comes from the Amazon rain forest.
  • Very little sunlight makes it through the dense canopy of trees and foliage covering the Amazon rain forest. It is nearly completely dark. In fact, if it started raining, it would take ten minutes before you even got wet!
  • Brazil has the greatest biodiversity of any country, and the most species of plants, freshwater fish, and mammals. Amazing fact is that it is home to an estimated 4 million species of plants and animals.
  • The Capybara is the world’s largest rodent at 70Kg and can be seen in herds of 100s in the Pantanal wetlands.
  • Amazingly Portugal claimed the land of Brazil way back in the year 1500. Independence was declared only in 1822.
  • Rio de Janeiro was the capital of Brazil for almost 2 centuries before it was moved to Brasilia in 1960.
Places / Architecture
  • The capital of Brazil ,  Brasilia city was conceived and built by a single plan. Amazingly the city has been planned in the shape of an airplane.
  • Largest city in the Southern Hemisphere  is Sao Paulo. Amazing fact is that outdoor advertising is banned in the city. The decision to dismantle all panels and signs was made in 2007 by the city authorities.
  • One of the most famous mountains in the world is the Corcovado located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is known worldwide for its 98 foot (30 m) high statue of the city’s emblem, Christ the Redeemer, which has been on its summit since 1931.
  • Isn’t it amazing that Brazil has over 8000 airports , the second highest number of airports in the world, behind the United States of America, who has over 15000 ?
  • Amazing fact is that Brazil is the location of the world’s widest road. The Monumental Axis can hold 160 cars driving side by side.
People Customs & Culture
  • Brazil has the official language as Portuguese. The facts say that country has the largest Portuguese speaking population in the world but 80% of the people can speak English.
  • Amazing fact is that Brazil has the largest number of Italians outside Italy and the largest number of Japanese outside Japan!
  • The fact is Brazil has the second highest Christian population in the world. Brazil is also the largest catholic nation in the world.
  • Amazingly there is no official religion in Brazil, though over 75% of the population are Roman Catholics. The constitution guarantees freedom of religion.
  • A Brazilian Model is considered one of the most gorgeous women in the world and these women are the top of their class.
  • World’s largest party is the Carnival which is the time for millions of visitors to visit Brazil. Every year in February  the whole Brazil, covered by a continuous thunder of drums beat the rhythm of the samba, immersed in the most bustling, bright and cheerful holiday.
  • Amazing fact is that an estimated fifty tribes native to the Amazon rain forest have never had any contact with the rest of the world.
  • Amazing fact is that the Piraha tribe in the Amazon Brazil has no concept of numbering or counting! The tribe seems to also have no words for colors and no form of a written language. Not only can they not count, they haven’t been able to learn how to either!
Politics/ Legal
  • Voting in the elections is compulsory in Brazil  and everyone between the ages of 18 and 65 has to vote.
  • Women in Brazil obtained the right to vote in 1931, which was before countries such as France and Switzerland!
  • The currency of Brazil has both horizontal and vertical pictures.
  • The best coffee in the world is said to come from Brazil.
  • Brazil produces the most oranges in the world.
  • Brazil is one of the leading producers of hydroelectric power. The country is totally energy independent since the year 2006.
  • Amazingly Brazil has been producing “flex” cars since the oil crisis of 1973.  Now almost all new cars are flex cars, meaning that they run on gas, alcohol (ethanol), or a blend.  The ethanol is made from sugar cane and burns cleanly. This has enabled the country to be 100% energy independent.
  • Football (soccer) is the most popular sport in Brazil with the national team consistently among the best in the world, winning the World Cup amazing five times.

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