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  1. The only primates on the face of Earth to have permanent full breasts are humans. All other primates only grow full breasts for the purpose of feeing their children.
  2. Generally the left breast is slightly bigger than the right one in 65% of cases.
  3. There are cells inside the breasts known as alveoli which produce milk in response to a hormone known as prolactin.
  4. Amazingly the amount of milk produced is independent of the breast size. The reason is that in large breasts, proportion of fatty tissues is greater compared to glandular tissue.
  5. Breast milk is generally considered to have a sweet flavor due to the high amounts of lactose.
  6. Breast size fluctuates from time to time. They swell during premenstrual syndrome because of high levels of prolactin or progesterone hormones. They also grow in size during pregnancy and during intense arousal.
  7. WHO says that breast milk is the perfect food for babies. It contains several antibodies that help to protect a baby from infections and diseases.
  8. When women are young, their breasts store collagen, fats and milk glands but after a certain age, breasts simply become bags of fat.
  9. Cigarette smoking is bad for your breasts. The chemicals in cigarette smoke break down the elastin in our bodies, leading to saggier boobs.
  10. There is in fact no natural way of increasing breast size. This can only be achieved through cosmetic surgery or botox.
  11. A study found that 70% of women are always unhappy about the size of their breasts considering them either too small or too big.
  12. The average bra can support breasts that weigh between 0.23 kilograms and 9 kilograms i.e. about the weight of three bricks.
  13. Amazingly it has been found that 85% of all women all over the world always wear bras of incorrect size.
  14. There are different types of nipples, clinically classed as ‘normal,’ ‘flat,’ ‘puffy,’ ‘inverted’.
  15. Men have nipples and breasts because all fetuses are female at first.Every fetus starts as female, and it isn’t until six weeks that testosterone starts to act. Before that mark, nipples and breasts are already part of the male body.
  16. Even men have large breasts in a medical condition known as gynecomastia. Here the mammary glands in men abnormally overgrow.
  17. Only 20% of all men who meet a woman for the first time actually look at the face of the women while the remaining 80% stare at her breasts.
  18. A 2013 study found that men who prefer large breasts are less financially secure and men who prefer small breasts are more financially secure.
  19. The largest natural breasts in the world belong to Annie Hawkins-Turner of the USA, who has a 70 inch chest, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.
  20. There are actually five states in US where a woman can walk around topless : New York, Hawaii, Texas, Maine, and Ohio.

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