Captivating Facts

Captivating Facts

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  • Astronomers have discovered a planet where it amazingly rains glass (silicate) sideways, in howling 7,000 km per hour winds. This gives the planet a blue hue. It is 63 light-years from us.
  • There is a temple for a motorbike in Rajasthan, India.
  • The word “juggernaut” comes from a sacrificial procession during the 1600s in parts of India. In this ritual, devotees would allow themselves to be crushed under the wheels of a “huge wagon bearing an image of the god Krishna.” Coincidentally, one of the names for Krishna is “Jaggernaut (Jagannath).”
  • Christopher Columbus, on the way to the New World, was stranded in Jamaica in 1503 A.D. Knowing that he was wearing out his welcome with the natives and that a lunar eclipse was near, Columbus warned the natives that moon would vanish if they did not continue to feed him and his sailors.
  • Amazing fact is that Peacock feathers are actually brown, but have microscopic structures that interfere with light that make the bright iridescence.
  • World’s oldest creature that ever lived is revealed to be 507-year-old shellfish called Ming dredged from the North Atlantic. Unfortunately scientists accidently killed it by opening it’s shell for analysis in 2006 not knowing the long life of the Ming. Scientists initially thought it to be 405 years old but following painstaking analysis, experts from Bangor University reckon the animal was born in 1499, making it 507 when it was found in 2006. It has in fact been confirmed as the oldest animal that ever lived. The findings mean the mollusc was born seven years after Columbus discovered America. Ming was named after the dynasty thought to be ruling China at the time of its birth.
  • During one of his innumerable Presidential affairs, John F. Kennedy tore a groin muscle and had to wear a stiff shoulder-to-groin brace that prevented the reflexive ducking, which might have saved him from the second fatal bullet.
  • In 1970, due to a wheat production quota dispute between a Farming family in west Australia and the Government, the family declared their land to be independent from Australia and created a legal micro-nation called the Principality of Hutt River, which exists till today.
  • Amazing Fact is that since 1934, there have only been two voice actors to voice Donald Duck. Clarence Nash (1934 – 1985) and Tony Anselmo (1985 – present).
  • The 1889 World’s Fair in Paris, famous for the construction and unveiling of the Eiffel Tower, had an amazing “Negro Zoo” with 400 black people in cages as one of the attractions.
  • Some orthodox Jews in the New York use caffeine suppositories for fasting, because it’s not “eating” .
  • Between 1993-98, a majority of US Senators were trading stocks and beating the market by 12 percentage points a year on average. By comparison, corporate insiders beat the market by just 5 percent, and typical households underperformed by 1.4 percent.
  • Rugby was so popular in South Africa that in 1902 there was a temporary ceasefire in the Second Boer War so that a game could be played between British and Boer forces (Afrikaners).
  • It’s amazing that Abraham Lincoln signed legislation that created the Secret Service hours before he was assassinated.
  • Amazing Fact is that Prem Nazir , an actor from South India holds four acting record in the Indian film industry. He was lead actor for nearly 610 movies, played opposite the same lead actress in 107 movies, was lead actor of 39 movies which were released in a single year, and was paired alongside almost 80 actresses in his career.

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