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  • In 1883, Henry Ziegland broke off a relationship with his girlfriend who committed suicide. The girl’s enraged brother hunted down Ziegland and shot him. Believing he had killed Ziegland, the brother then took his own life. In fact Ziegland had not been killed as the bullet had only grazed his face, lodging into a tree. Years later, Ziegland decided to cut down the same tree, which still had the bullet in it. He decided to blow the huge tree up with dynamite. The explosion amazingly propelled the bullet into Ziegland’s head killing him instantly.The bullet found the target after 20 years.
  • In 19th century Austria, a painter named Joseph Aigner attempted suicide for the first time by hanging himself at the age of 18. He was interrupted by a mysterious monk. Again at age 22, he was prevented from hanging himself by the very same monk. At age 30 he was sentenced to the gallows for his political activities but his life was saved by the intervention of the same monk. At age 68, Joseph Aigner finally succeeded in suicide, using a pistol to shoot himself. It’s amazing that his funeral ceremony was conducted by the very same Capuchin monk , a man whose name Aiger never even knew.
  • John and Arthur Mowforth were twins who lived about 80 miles apart in Great Britain. It’s amazing that on the evening of May 22, 1975, both fell severely ill from chest pains and both died of heart attacks in separate hospitals.
  • In 1979 a 15-year old Norvegian boy named Robert Johansen fishing in a Norwegian fjord (Narrow inlet of sea) hauled in a 10-pound cod. Amazingly when his grandmother was preparing the meal , she found a diamond ring within the cod’s stomach which she instantly recognized as a valuable family heirloom she lost in the fjord while fishing some ten years back!
  • During WWII a rail bridge in Belgium had been prepared with explosives in case it needed to be destroyed at short notice. Amazing fact is whilst not one but two trains were crossing on it, it was struck by lightning and blew up killing most passengers.
  • In 1973, actor Anthony Hopkins agreed to appear in “The Girl From Petrovka”, based on a novel by George Feifer. He couldn’t find a copy in any bookstore but was surprised to discover discarded book lying on a bench in a train station. Amazingly it turned out to be George Feifer’s own annotated (personal) copy, which Feifer had lent to a friend, and which had been stolen from his friend’s car.
  • In 1953, television reporter Irv Kupcinet was in London to cover the coronation of Ellizabeth II. In one of the drawers in his hotel room at the Savoy he found some items that, by their identification, belonged to a man named Harry Hannin. Coincidentally, Harry Hannin , a basketball star was a good friend of Kupcinet’s. Amazing fact is that just two days later and before he could tell Hannin of his lucky discovery, Kupcinet received a letter from Hannin telling Kucinet that while staying at the Hotel Meurice in Paris, he found in a drawer a tie, with Kupcinet’s name on it.
  • In 1965, at the age of four, Roger Lausier was swimming off a beach in Salem and was saved from drowning by a woman called Alice Blaise. In 1974, on the same beach, Roger was out on a raft when he pulled a drowning man from the water . Amazingly, the man he saved was Alice Blaise’s husband.
  • The twenty-year old Bosnian peasant Princip took out his pistol and shot twice at the motorcade carrying Austro-Hungarian leader Archduke Franz Ferdinand , heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne and his pregnant wife Sophie, on 28 th June 1914 killing both of them, setting off a chain of events that would plunge the world into WWI one of the bloodiest wars in history and sow the seeds for the advent of Communism and Nazism over the next few decades. It happened because of a single, remarkable coincidence. Princip intended to kill but had largely given up once the earlier attempt to kill the man with a bomb failed. After he went to a café for a quick bite, while coming out he spotted the Archduke’s car which stopped before his eyes not twenty feet away. The driver had apparently taken a wrong turn and in the process of backing up had killed the engine leaving the Archduke and his wife sitting ducks. Thinking quickly, he pulled his pistol and fired. Amazingly WWI started just because the Archduke’s driver got lost.
  • Businessman Danie de Toit made a speech to an audience in South Africa . The topic of his speech was , watch out because death can strike you down at any time. Amazing fact is that at the end of his speech, he put a peppermint in his mouth, and choked to death on it!
  • In September 1955, James Dean was killed in a horrific car accident whilst he was driving his Porsche sports car. After the crash the car was seen as very unlucky because of amazing chain of events. When the car was towed away from accident scene to a garage, the engine slipped out and fell onto a mechanic, shattering both of his legs. Eventually the engine was bought by a doctor, who put it into his racing car and was killed shortly afterwards during a race. Another racing driver, in the same race, was killed in his car, which had James Dean’s driveshaft fitted to it. When James Dean’s Porsche was later repaired, the garage it was in was destroyed by fire. Later the car was displayed in Sacramento, but it fell off it’s mount and broke a teenager’s hip. In Oregon, the trailer that the car was mounted on slipped from it’s towbar and smashed through the front of a shop. Finally, in 1959, the car mysteriously broke into 11 pieces while it was sitting on steel supports.
  • While on a business trip sometime in the late 1950s, Mr. George D. Bryson stopped and registered at the Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky staying at room 307. When he enquired for any mail meant for him , the mail girl handed him an envelope addressed to Mr. George D. Bryson, room 307. Amazing thing was this letter was not for him but for room 307’s just-previous occupant, another man named George D. Bryson.
  • Frane Selak, a Croatian music teacher, began his unlucky streak in 1962 on a train going from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik. The train inexplicably jumped the tracks and fell into an icy river killing 17 passengers. He managed to swim to shore suffering from hypothermia and a broken arm but survived. A year later, while on an airplane, it’s door flew off and he was sucked out of the airplane. The plane crashed and he woke up in a hospital. He had been found in a haystack. Then, in 1966, he was on a bus that went off the road and into a river. Four people were killed, but he suffered minor injuries. In 1970, his car caught on fire and he stopped it and got out just before the car blew up. In 1973, he was driving another car when a faulty fuel line sprayed gas all over the engine and flames blew through his air vents. His only injury was the loss of most of his hair. In 1995 he was hit by a bus but sustained minor injuries. Finally, in 1996, he was driving on a mountain road when he went around a bend and saw a truck coming right at him. He ran his car through a guardrail and jumped out to watch his car blow up 300 feet below him. Amazing fact is finally in 2003, Selak bought a lottery ticket for the first time in 40 years at the age of 74. He ended up winning $1 million.
  • Waldemar Andersen from Norway  was fishing in the North Sea when he caught a good-sized cod. Upon cutting open its stomach, he found a gold earring . Amazingly when he presented it to his wife, it turned out to be his wife’s earring lost a week earlier in the sea.
  • A few months before John Wilkes Booth obtained notoriety for murdering the President Abraham Lincoln at Ford’s Theater, the President’s son, Robert Todd Lincoln, was waiting on a narrow, crowded platform for a train in Jersey City, New Jersey when he lost his footing and fell beneath the slowly moving carriage of a departing train. Pulled to safety before any harm befell him, he turned to thank his rescuer and was surprised to see it was the well known actor Edwin Booth, the brother of John Wilkes. Amazingly in one of the most remarkable coincidences , the son of a president was rescued by the brother of that president’s future assassin!

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