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  1. Amazing Fact is that technically, it’s all in our heads. Amazingly color does not exist at all. It is something created by our brains as a side effect, when it tries to make sense of the information received by eyes from outer world.
  2. We are able to see the colors because we have three distinct types of receptor cells in our retina, each  specifically sensitive to red, green and blue color.
  3. Scientist estimate that we are able to see amazing ten million different colors.
  4. There’s a specific gene that allows us to see and interpret the color red. Women have two X chromosomes, while men only possess one. Because the particular “red-seeing gene” sits on the X chromosome, women sees full red spectrum, while males can see half the hues.
  5. Amazingly color is responsible for 60 to 90 % of first impression . Bright colors will win you more friends. Violet or orange is preferable to black & neutral.
  6. Fact is that Blue is the most favored color in the world (About 40 %)  followed by purple being a distant second.
  7. Traditionally, the primary colors used in printing were red, yellow and blue, as these were the colors painters mixed to get all other hues. As printing emerged, they were replaced with cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK), as this color combo enables printers to produce a wider variety of colors on paper.
  8. The RGB model is by far the most “popular” additive color model.  Each color is described as set of Red, Green and Blue values on a scale from 0 to 255.
  9. The CMYK model  is standard printing color model.  Each color is represented by a corresponding value of cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks, on a scale from 0% to 100%. However it is a fact that no single device is capable of reproducing all visible colors.
  10. VIBGYOR , the visible color range for humans has amazingly very limited range from total spectrum , at one end violet having wavelength of 430-390 nm to Red at other end having wavelength of 750-650 nm (Nanometer) .
  11. In bright conditions, the human eye has maximum sensitivity for the  555 nm wavelength of light, which corresponds to the yellow-green color.
  12. The fact is that human eye can detect more shades of green that any other color.
  13. Humans can’t see infrared and ultraviolet lights at both extremes which are seen by some animals. Human eye also doesn’t see microwaves, radio waves, x-rays, gamma rays, or anything that falls out of the visual spectrum.
  14. Amazingly humans, apes, monkeys, ground squirrels, and many species of fish, birds, and insects have well-developed color vision.
  15. Amazingly 8 % of human males are relatively deficient in color vision. Mammals with limited color vision include mice, rats, rabbits, cats, dogs and crocodiles. Humans and mammals with poor color vision are unable to differentiate between reds and greens. They see the world as a blend of blues, yellows, and greys. Humans are also color-blind in dim light.
  16. The official Olympic logo was created by Baron Pierre de Coubertin in 1913. It consists of five interlacing rings of blue, yellow, black, green, and red. At least one of these colors is found in the flag of every nation.
  17. The best color for the car is silver. As per statistics, silver is less often involved in accidents. This is due to the fact that they are clearly visible on the road and under twilight.
  18. Red is most common color in national flags. Red is beautiful for Russians. It is the color of communism. In India traditional color for soldiers is red while For Chinese red brings good luck.
  19. Red excites you , can increase your muscle reaction, make you want to gamble more and raise your blood pressure. Red can make you hungry.
  20. Amazingly bulls are color blind. They charge the red cape because it is moving, not because it is red.
  21. Green is youthful.It is a healing color, the color of nature. It is believed to increase concentration. In ancient Greece, green symbolized victory. Unlike red , green suppresses the hunger.
  22. Blue stands for love, which is why a bride carries or wears something blue on her wedding day. A room painted blue is said to be relaxing , calming effect. Blue conveys trust and reliability.
  23. In ancient Rome, public servants wore blue. Today, police and other public servants wear blue.
  24. Purple is a royal color.Purple robes are an emblem of authority and rank. Leonardo da Vinci believed that the power of meditation increases 10 times when done in a purple light, as in the purple light of stained glass. Purple in a child’s room is said to help develop the imagination.
  25. The Egyptian queen Cleopatra loved purple so much that she used to have her servants soak 20,000 Purpura snails for 10 days to obtain just one ounce of Tyrian purple dye.
  26. Hindus in India wear yellow to celebrate the festival of spring and on auspicious occasions. To holistic healers, yellow is the color of peace. In tenth-century France, the doors of traitors and criminals were painted yellow.The color yellow can cause nausea, so it is avoided in airplanes.
  27. School buses are usually yellow or greenish yellow for a reason. You can see a yellow object that is not in front of you “in the corners of your eyes” much sooner than any other color. In fact , lateral peripheral vision for detecting yellows is 1.25 times greater than for red. Also yellow or greenish-yellow are more visible to the human eye under dimmer conditions compared to red.
  28. A white flag is the universal symbol for truce. Angels are usually depicted wearing white robes.
  29. The Egyptian pharaohs wore white crowns. It’s considered good luck to be married in a white garment.
  30. Black often stands for secrecy. Black is also associated with sophistication and elegance.
  31. Amazing fact is that the color of mourning widely differs. The ancient Egyptians and Romans used black for mourning, as do most Europeans and Americans. White means mourning in China and Japan. In South Africa, red is the color of mourning. In Iran, blue is the color of mourning. In Thailand, purple is worn by a widow mourning her husband’s death. In Egypt and Burma, yellow signifies mourning.
  32. Amazingly a lobsters blood is colorless but when exposed to oxygen it turns blue.
  33. Amazing fact is that scorpions glow under ultra violet light.
  34. Amazingly Grasshoppers have white blood while Spiders have transparent blood.
  35. Amazingly the ‘black box’ that houses an airplanes voice recorder is actually orange so it can be easily detected amid the debris of a plane crash.

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