Engrossing Facts

Engrossing Facts

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  • Old NYC subway cars are dumped into the Atlantic Ocean to help build an artificial reef to serve as a habitat for marine life.
  • The deputy mayor of New Delhi amazingly died in 2007 when he fell from his balcony after being attacked by a group of monkeys.
  • Child beauty pageants are illegal in France, and punishable with up to 2 years in prison.
  • There is a species of fungus called Chorioactis found only in Texas and rural Japan thought to have been there for 19 million years .
  • Amazing fact is that Libyan rebels would call in air strikes by using coordinates from Google Earth and Tweet them to NATO from their cell phones.
  • The Hollywood movie “Mission to Mars” that was released in 2000 cost $28 million more than India’s actual mission to Mars .
  • Farmers in Kenya are taking advantage of elephants’ natural fears of bees and building “beehive fences” that keep wild elephants from trampling the crops keeping the farms safe.
  • In South Korea, earning an Olympic Medal means you avoid a mandatory two-year military service.
  • Amazing fact is that there is an animal called The Opossum belonging to marsupials with the ability to neutralize almost all poisons, even from creatures it has never encountered.
  • Mankind has already started growing food in space, namely potatoes, in 1995.
  • Anders Celsius originally created the temperature scale with 100 degrees as freezing and 0 degrees as boiling. Amazingly Carl Linnaeus, another scientist, waited until he died to reverse the scale to what it is today.
  • A 32-year-old woman named Julia Tavalaro suffered a brain hemorrhage and was trapped in her body. In 1966, six years later someone realized that she was trying to smile when she heard a joke. Amazing fact is she learned to communicate by blinking, became an author, and died at the age of 68, 37 years after the stroke.
  • When an Indian prince crossed the mountains into Tibet, the perplexed locals asked him where he came from. Ignorant of their Tibetan language, he pointed to the mountains. Amazingly Tibetans believed he was from the sky. To honor this divine man, they crowned him the first emperor of Tibet.
  • Dogs’ brains have gotten larger and they’ve have gotten smarter relative to cats largely because dogs are more social.
  • The most Baptist state in the world isn’t Mississippi in USA. It’s Nagaland in India where 75% of the population is member of a Baptist church.

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