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  1. Europe covers 3.93 million square miles. Europe in fact constitutes 2% of the earth’s surface area and 6.8% of the total land area.
  2. Amazing fact is that the whole of Europe is only two per cent larger in area than Canada.
  3. Europe has more than 50 countries. Russia alone  constitutes 40% of Europe’s total land area.
  4. Europe is said to be named after ‘Europa’, a Phoenician Princess in Greek Mythology.
  5. Amazing fact is if it was not for the Europeans, the U.S.A would not have existed today.
  6. The European Union has 25 countries members and was formed in 1957. Most of the countries in Europe use the universal currency called the Euro. The Euro currency entered circulation on 1 January 2002.
  7. Brussels (Belgium) is the capital of the European Union.
  8. The European Union was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2012.
  9. Amazing fact is the British Empire based in Europe was at one time the largest empire in the world covering more than 36 million square kilometers and had a population of about 550 million people. It covered a quarter of the Earth’s surface.
  10. The economy of Europe is currently the largest on earth.
  11. Democracy was in fact invented in Europe almost 2000 years ago.
  12. Famous European Philosophers are Socrates, Aristotle and Plato.
  13. Both the World Wars (I and II) were principally focused in Europe.
  14. It’s amazing that over 60 million Europeans soldiers were mobilized during the first World War.
  15. Europe is home to the highest number of migrants of all global regions. In fact By the end of the second World War, Europe had more 40 million refugees.
  16. River Volga is the longest river in Europe. It is also the largest river (in terms of discharge ) in Europe.
  17. The Piano and Violin was an European inventions.
  18. Croatia was the first country to eradicate slavery in the continent.
  19. Amazing fact is Denmark  has twice as many pigs as there are people.
  20. The tallest Ferris wheel (London Eye) in Europe is located in England.
  21. Cricket was in fact invented in England.
  22. Finland is the most forested country in Europe.
  23. France is the only country in Europe to be completely self sufficient in basic food production.
  24. In France, the law in fact guarantees everyone five weeks of vacation, and most full-time workers get two full months vacation.
  25. If you count everything, including overseas territories, then France claims the title of most time zones by covering 12 of it. The United States would be the runner-up with 11 and then Russia with 9.
  26. The Dune du Pilat (France) is the tallest sand dune in Europe.
  27. The statue of Liberty was constructed in France and was designed by Frederic Bartholdi.
  28. Greenland (Denmark) is the largest island in the world.
  29. Iceland let it’s largest three bank fail without bailing them out but made sure that no citizens suffered financial loss.
  30. Amazingly Iceland has no army and is regarded as the most peaceful country.
  31. Mt. Etna (3,329m) is the tallest active volcano in Europe. It is located in Sicily, Italy.
  32. The thermometer was invented in Italy.
  33. Monaco is the world’s richest country in terms of GDP per capita.
  34. Amazing fact is that Netherlands are closing 8 prisons across the country because of lack of crime.
  35. Amazingly Norway will allow any student from any nation to study free of charge at their public universities..
  36. Poland, alone has in fact generated 17 Nobel Laureates.
  37. Russia is the largest country in Europe. It is also the largest country in the world.
  38. The longest railway line in the world is the Trans-Siberian Railway line. It has connected St. Petersburg to Vladivostok since 1916.
  39. Russia has 13,000 uninhabited villages.
  40. Golf started in Scotland.
  41. The Spanish national anthem has no words.
  42. Spain literally means ‘the land of rabbits’.
  43. The Tomatina Festival of Spain is one of the most unusual festivals in Europe where people throw tomatoes at each other. It is held in the Valencian town of Bunol.
  44. Amazing fact is that Sweden recycles so well that it has run out of garbage and must import it from Norvay for it’s energy programs.
  45. Sweden has one of the highest population of those who believe there is no God.
  46. Amazingly the Swedish & Finnish governments pay students monthly pocket money if they attend high schools and universities.
  47. If you fail your driver license test in Switzerland three times , you are required to visit Psychologist to explain the reasons.
  48. It’s amazing that water , electricty and gas has been free in Turkmenistan since 1991.
  49. The largest country entirely in Europe is Ukraine.
  50. Vatican City is the smallest country (by area and by population) in the world.

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