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90 Amazing and Unknown Facts about Human Body | Amazing Facts 4U

  1. Amazingly every human spent about half an hour as a single cell.
  2. Fact is father tends to determine the height of their child , mothers their weight.
  3. All Humans Are 99.9% Genetically Identical and 98.4% of human genes are the same as the genes of a chimpanzee.
  4. Amazing thing is humans share about 50 % of DNA with Bananas.
  5. Humans have 46 chromosomes. Crayfish has amazing 200.
  6. The DNA in a single human cell is 37 mtr (121 ft) long when unravelled.
  7. Amazing fact is if you calculate total DNA length for each person, it measures nearly 744 million miles ! It would reach to the Sun and back 4 times.
  8. Amazingly a scientist who weighed people immediately before and after death concluded that the human soul weighs 21 gms.
  9. Amazing fact is from a complete stop, a human is capable of outrunning a Formula One Racer car for about 30 feet!
  10. Fact is every year about 98% of atoms in your body are replaced. Your skeleton is completely replaced every 10 years.
  11. Amazing three hundred million cells die in the human body every minute.
  12. Man have nipples because as an embryo everybody is a female until the Y chromosome effects differenciation.
  13. Amazing fact is about 200 muscles are used when we execute a single step!
  14. If you lock your knees standing long enough , you will pass out.
  15. Your thumb is the same length as your nose.
  16. Fact is if you fully stretch your arms out, the fingertip to fingertip length is almost exactly your body height.
  17. Amazing thing is the number of people alive today are higher than the number of all the people that have died.
  18. Surprising fact is while 7 men in 100 has some form of color blindness , only 1 women in 1000 suffers from it.
  19. It’s amazing that 10 % of human dry weight comes from bacteria.
  20. Midgets and dwarfs almost always have normal-sized children, even if both parents are midgets or dwarfs.
  21. Do you know that humans are the only species sleeping on their backs ?
  22. The adult human body requires about 88 pounds of oxygen daily.
  23. Amazingly person drinks 16000 Tons of water in a lifetime.
  24. The human body has amazing 45 miles of nerves.
  25. There are approximately 45 billion fat cells in an average adult.
  26. The human body contains enough iron to make a 3 inch nail.
  27. The human body contains enough carbon to make 900 pencils.
  28. It’s amazing that amount of Phosphorus in human body is enough to produce 20000 match heads.
  29. Amount of Chlorine in the human body is enough for the disinfection of 5 swimming pools.
  30. Intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair.
  31. Fact is the average person walks the equivalent of twice around the world in a lifetime.
  32. It’s amazing that on average women say 7,000 words per day. Men manage just over 2000.
  33. Only one person in two billion will live to be 116 or older.
  34. Right handed people live, on average, nine years longer than left-handed people.
  35. People who are lying to you tend to look up and to their left.
  36. It’s amazing that you can’t tickle yourself. The cerebellum, a part of the brain, warns the rest of the brain that you are about to tickle yourself. Since your brain knows this, it ignores the resulting sensation.
  37. It is impossible to lick your elbow.
  38. you have no sense of smell when you’re sleeping!
  39. Would you believe that you burn more calories sleeping than you do watching television ?
  40. Amazing fact is you can see your nose all the time but somehow your brain has learned to ignore it !
  41. People with dark color skin wrinkle later than the people having light color skins!
  42. The average person spends three years of his or her life on a toilet.
  43. The flu pandemic of 1918 killed amazingly over 20 million people
  44. Fact is smokers are likely to die on average six and a half years earlier than non-smokers.
  45. Three years after a person quits smoking, the chance of having a heart attack is the same as someone who has never smoked before.
  46. When a male skier falls down , he tends to fall on his face while a women skier tends to fall on her back.
  47. Facts show that Men commit suicide 3 times more frequent than Women do but Women attempt suicide 2 to 3 times more often than Men.
  48. Most deaths in a hospital are between the times of 4 pm and 6 pm, the time when the human body is at its weakest.
  49. Amazingly a body decomposes four times as fast in water than on land.
  50. Females have 500 more genes than males, and because of this are protected from things like color blindness and hemophilia.
  51. If you combined all the muscles in an average human in to one muscle, the force it would be capable of producing is amazing 2,000 tonnes.
  52. Fact is drinking water after eating reduces the acid in your mouth by 61 percent and should be avoided.
  53. Your blood is red throughout only half your body being purplish blue in veins. When cut, of course, the blood always appears red because it is instantly exposed to oxygen outside the body.
  54. Amazing fact is every second, the retina performs 10 billion computer like calculations.
  55. Only Asian people have black hair. Every other supposedly ‘black’ hair colour is actually really dark brown.
  56. People with red hair only make up 2% of the population.This percentage is 12% in Ireland.
  57. Red hair people included Columbus, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson & Alexander the Great.
  58. Amazingly the longest recorded time for someone to have the hiccups is 69 years By Charles Osborne from 1922 to 1990 ! During this period he hiccupped 20 to 40 times a minute. He died 11 months after hiccups stopped.
  59. With your palm up, the space between a person’s wrist and the inside of their elbow is usually the same size as your foot.
  60. Amazing fact is that only 40% of the population can smell Cyanide. The ability to smell cyanide is genetic.
  61. It’s amazing that without a point of reference, humans can’t walk in a straight line.
  62. Dimples are caused by an abnormally short facial muscle called zygomaticus major attached to the skin of your cheeks.
  63. Amazingly the human tongue can detect a drop of lemon juice diluted in 130,000 drops of water.
  64. Amazing fact is wisdom teeth fail to appear in nearly 100% of indigenous Mexicans .
  65. 50% of women can see more colors than everyone else .These females can identify 10 different colors in a rainbow.
  66. The human nose can distinguish more than 10,000 different smells.
  67. Amazing fact is the human eye actually sees everything upside down. The images we see then remain inverted until they reach the part of our brain called the visual cortex, where visual information is processed rectifying the inverse image.
  68. You can scratch your throat by massaging your ear!  Massaging the earlobe will stimulate the nerves in the ear, which will trigger a reflex in the throat.
  69. Amazing fact is your fingers and thumb have no muscles. They are moved by muscles in forearm having attachments to them.
  70. 25% of your bones are located in your feet and there are 33 joints in all!
  71. If you go back 25 generations assuming no inbreeding occurred , amazingly you have 33,554,432 ancestors.
  72. Amazing fact is during pregnancy, a woman’s uterus expands to about 500 times its normal size!
  73. Men and women see the color red very differently. Women have a full and complex grasp of the red spectrum. Men however, only know a few shades of red. This is due to extra X chromosome.
  74. Amazing thing is the human small intestines have the surface area of a tennis court , almost 2700 Square Feet!
  75. Do you know that there is about 0.2 mg of gold in our bodies ?
  76. Amazing fact is each sperm has 37.5 MB of DNA information in it. That means a normal ejaculation represents a data transfer of 1587 GB in about 3 seconds
  77. Amazingly human tonsils can bounce higher than a rubber ball of similar weight and size, but only for the first 30 minutes after they’ve been removed.
  78. Human saliva has a boiling point three times that of regular water.
  79. Cold weather makes fingernails grow faster.
  80. If the human stomach doesn’t produce a new layer of mucus every two weeks it will totally digest itself.
  81. Did you know that your brain has no pain receptors or pain fibers and the brain itself cannot feel pain? You feel headaches because the skull is surrounded by what’s called meninges or blood vessels which do have pain receptors.
  82. Most people shed between 50 to 100 hairs every day.
  83. The human kidney consists of over 1 million little tubes with a total length of about 40 miles in both kidneys. The kidneys filter about 500 gallons of blood each day.
  84. Amazingly half of all humans who have ever lived, died from malaria.
  85. Of all the people in history that have reached 65 years of age, half of them are living right now.
  86. Amazing fact is all the humans on the planet could fit into 1 cubic mile.
  87. The tallest girl in the world ever recorded was 8 feet 2 inches tall and she died at the young age of 17.
  88. The average human with a full head of hair contains between 85,000 to 150,000 hairs.
  89. Amazingly four out of five people over 100 years old are women.
  90. The average person laughs 15 times per day.

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