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  1. A mummy is a person’s body, or an animal’s body, that is preserved after death using an ancient technique called mummification.
  2. One of the first persons to write about the process of mummification was Herodotus, a writer historian who traveled to Egypt in around 450 B.C.
  3. Amazingly ancient Egyptians started making mummies around 3400 BC.
  4. In 2600 BC ancient Egyptians finally figured out that if they took out the body’s internal organs, the mummies would last instead of rot. They started drying the bodies out completely for 40 days before wrapping!
  5. A single mummy took 70 days to make and it has been found in a research that Egyptians made amazing 70 millions of them.
  6. The best made and preserved mummies are from the 18th to the 20th Dynasty – circa 1570-1095 B.C. – and include Tutankhamen.
  7. Amazingly to remove the brain without damaging the mummy’s face, they used a stick with a hook on one end, and pulled the brain out through the nostrils.
  8. Amazingly about 1,000 yards of linen strips were used to wrap up a mummy. Without their wrappings, most mummies weigh only 5 pounds.
  9. When a body was mummified each organ was removed except the heart because Egyptians considered it to be the seat of the soul.
  10. Amazing fact is even the slaves and attendants were also buried with the body of pharaohs , the Egyptian kings to take care of them after death.
  11. King Tutankhamun, is the most famous of all Egyptian mummy. Amazingly his parents were brother and sister.
  12. King Tut’s mummy was found in 1923. King Tut was just 18 when he died and was mummified.
  13. King Tut’s mummy was found wearing a pair of golden sandals, and his toes were sheathed in tubes of gold for protection.
  14. King Tut’s casket is worth over 13 million dollars today.
  15. Most pharaoh mummies wore a golden face mask inscribed with magic spells. Tutankhamen’s mask was also made of solid gold.
  16. Amazing fact is that on some mummies, such as that of Pharaoh Ahmose I, the person’s name is written on the actual linen bandages they’re wrapped in. This makes it easy to identify who the mummy was in life.
  17. Amazingly no one knows where the famous Cleopatra was buried. Her tomb has never been found.
  18. Amazing fact is that in 1888 , about 300000 mummified cats were found in Egypt. They were sold and shipped to England to be ground up and used as fertilizer.
  19. The mummy of King Tutankhamun has undergone spontaneous partial combustion as per studies.
  20. Amazingly Ramses II was publicly unwrapped in June 1886 in just 15 minutes. His body became contaminated by fungi and bacteria, which literally ate him little by little. In 1975, scientists used gamma rays to sterilize and preserve his body.
  21. Amazing fact is that in Victorian times, mummies were ground up into medicinal powders, as people believed they had healing powers.
  22. King Charles II believed mummy dust contained the secret to greatness. He’d have a few mummies standing by, and  collect the dust that fell off them. Then he’d rub the dust on his skin.
  23. In the 1800’s, so many mummies were dug up they became practically worthless.
  24. Amazing fact is that near Tuna el-Gebel on the edge of Egypt’s Western Desert, scientists have unearthed more than four million mummies of a stork-like bird called an ibis.
  25. Amazingly in Manchester, England, a statue from a mummy’s tomb was repeatedly found standing backwards inside its case. Was it a trick ? The museum curators put a video camera on it. They played the video back and found the statue spinning around all on its own. The mystery is still unsolved.

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