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  1. The navel or the belly button or the umbilicus is really just a scar that marks the spot where the umbilical cord was attached. The cord is clamped the moment we arrive into the world and the leftovers eventually fall off leaving us with our belly buttons! Your belly button is your first scar.
  2. Navel is unique only to mammals who deliver babies. Non-mammals that lay egg don’t have it.
  3. Belly button can appear as sticking out and is known as outtie or it can actually stick in and is known as innie. Innies are 96 % compared to outies (4 %). Outies are caused by extra skin left from umbilical cords or umbilical hernias.
  4. Navel can change shape especially during pregnancy resulting in the innie popping out becoming outie and staying that way for the rest of life.
  5. Amazingly researchers have found 1,400 different strains of bacteria living in human navels. On an average navel is home to 67 different types of bacteria in each individual human being.
  6. Navel may have a T-shape or horizontal shape or something different. Researchers have found a small, vertical, T-shaped navel with a flap of overlying skin was the most attractive navel closely followed by horizontally shaped one.
  7. Amazing fact is that two humans will never have identical belly buttons because the bacterial species residing inside the scar are unique to each human. Possibility of new germs finding home inside the scar is scarce.
  8. Cloth lint collecting inside the navel is in fact accumulation of clothing fibers, sweat, skin cells, and bacteria primarily due to activity of hairs around it propelling the material inwards. Women are less prone to navel lint compared to men due to scarce hair.
  9. New T-shirts generate more belly button lint than old ones do. Old clothing may generate no lint at all.
  10. Amazingly in November 2000, a man named Graham Barker was officially recognized for the largest collection of belly button lint. He has collected navel lint since 1984, filling three large bottles.
  11. According to Indian traditional yoga, there are 7 major chakras or energy points in human body and navel is one of them.
  12. Navel center or Manipur Center is major chakra responsible for digestive processes and pranik life energy distribution all over the body. The navel has been used as a site to treat many ailments in alternative medicine.
  13. Bible mentions that navel links heaven and earth, making it one of the most sacred places on earth.
  14. You may have umbilical hernia wherein intestines protrude out through a gap in navel area underneath the skin. Surgical treatment and reconstruction may leave you with a dimple rather than a navel. Karolina Kurkova, voted as world’s sexiest woman in 2008 did not have navel after above surgery.
  15. The navel is often considered a sexual body part, as it is one of the body’s many erogenous zones.
  16. Amazing fact is that navel rarely ever gets bacterial infections in spite of large bacterial population. The navel infections are usually fungal found in fat people who have large skin folds which can cover up the navel making it hot and moist facilitating fungal infections.
  17. Using antibacterial products to wash the navel is not advised as these can kill the harmless bacteria that live in the navel which are in fact our first line of defence against external microbes. Use plain soap or simply water to wash it.
  18. Recent surgical advances in so-called ‘orifice’ surgery or keyhole surgery involves carrying out abdominal or pelvic surgery through just one incision in the belly button, which means less chance of wound infection and no scar. Hernia repair, removal of the gallbladder or the appendix, some bowel cancer surgery, gastric banding and hysterectomies can all be performed like this.
  19. As per studies, the position of your belly button helps determine how fast you run or swim. Given two runners or swimmers of the same height, the positional height of the belly button matters. This may explain why so many elite runners are of African ancestry who tend to have longer legs than people of European ancestry, resulting in meaning their belly buttons are about 5 cm higher than those of whites.
  20. In ancient times, a pierced navel was a sign of masculinity and bravery. Some people still practice it but it’s not advised as the navel takes up to six months to heal compared to six weeks in case of ears, nose, eyebrows etc. The period being too long makes the scar susceptible to severe infections especially if you wear tight clothing.

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