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Land &  Geography
  • Panama is one of the largest countries in Central America. However amazingly Panama has the smallest population anywhere in Central America at about 3.2 million.
  • Panama is one of the smallest countries in the world but the most advanced in Central America.
  • Panama is in a unique position in Central America. From one side of panama you are on the Atlantic Ocean and you can watch the sunrise. Then with just a couple of hours trip to the Pacific you can watch the sun set.
  • At its narrowest distance, only 80 kilometers is the land in Panama, which separates the Atlantic from the Pacific Ocean.
  • With 5,637 kilometers of coastline and more than 1,518 islands, Panama has more beaches than one can imagine.
  • Amazing fact is that Panama shelters more birds than United States and Canada combined. It is one of the most diverse locations in the world for exotic wildlife. There are plants, animals, and other natural occurrences that only happen in panama and nowhere else in the world.
  • Amazing fact is that Panama houses over 10,000 different plants species, including 1,200 varieties of orchids, 678 ferns and more than 1,500 varieties of trees.
  • Panama is home to the second largest rainforest in the Western Hemisphere located in Panama City. Amazingly the capital is the only one in the world to boast a rainforest within the city limits.
  • Columbus did not stop at the Caribbean when he landed in the new world he went on to explore most of Central America and even Panama in 1502.
  • Panama declared independence from Spain in 1903.
Places / Architecture
  • The Panama Canal is the most popular destination in Panama.
  • One of the greatest man made structures ever built in Central America is the amazing Panama Canal. It is now considered one of the world’s 7 modern wonders. The canal generates fully one-third of Panama’s entire economy.
  • Amazingly work of Panama canal was started by French  in 1882 excavating 30 million cubic yards spending  $ 260 million Dollars and losing 20,000 lives.
  • U.S. paid French $ 40 million for the Panama Canal rights and paid $ 10 million to Panama for Canal Zone by a treaty in 1904. The Panama Canal was completed by the US Army Corps of Engineers between 1904 and 1914 excavating 232 million cubic yards at a cost of $ 375 million Dollars losing about 5600 lives.
  • U.S. paid $ 250,000 per annum as initial rent to Panama beginning in 1913.
  • Panama canal was officially opened on August 15, 1914. It was taken care of by the U.S. troops until December 1999 when Panama assumed full control of the Panama Canal.
  • The Panama Canal is in fact one of mankind’s greatest feats.  Literally separating two continents, the canal allows ships voyaging between New York and San Francisco to save 7,872 miles of travel. The Canal stretches 80 kilometers from Panama City on the Pacific coast to Colón on the Atlantic side. Providing passage for nearly 14,000 ocean going vessels per year.
  • Amazing fact is the Panama Rail road was the most expensive rail road ever built, as it cost 9 million dollars and took 5 years to build and was completed in 1855, it’s length being 47 miles. More than 12000 people died in the construction of the rail road. It is the oldest operating railway in the world.
  • Panama is the main location in Central America where you can experience the rich cultural, historical and traditional experiences of the Mayan and Aztec culture.
  • Panama is one of the only locations in all of Central America with the richest and most historical cathedrals are located. Many bishops came to help with the construction of the first cathedrals in Central America and were there to advise the construction.
People Customs & Culture
  • Nearly 85% of the people in the country are Catholics and the remaining 15% are Protestants.
  • Panama has more United States Expats than any other country in the world.
  • The Panama hat originated in Panama (Indiana Jones hat) .
 Politics/ Legal
  • Panama has had a mainly a male dominated political system since its independence that all changed when in 1999 Panama named its first woman president, Mireya Moscoso.
  • Amazingly Panama is one of only a few countries in the world who decided by constitution not to have a military force. Instead Panama has Panamanian Public Forces that were created to police the country.
  • Panama is one of the few countries in the world to use 2 different types of currency. The Currency used in Panama is the Balboa and Dollar.
  • Amazing fact is the Panamanian constitution gives foreigners and citizens the same right to own property.
  • Most of the land rights in panama are protected rain forest instituted by the government in 1970.
  • Panama has the second largest duty free zone in the world. It is also the second largest registrant for offshore companies.
  • Panamas past time is soccer is has been the official sport of panama since its inception in the early 1900s.

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