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30 Amazing and little known Facts About Politicians | Amazing Facts 4U

  1. When Castro took power in Cuba, he amazingly destroyed every copy of Monopoly!
  2. Amazingly Cuban leader Fiedel Castro has appeared in two holiday movies made in 1946 as a background extra.
  3. Fidel Castro was voted “Cuba’s best schoolboy athlete” in 1944.
  4. Fidel Castro tried out for Washington Senators baseball team, but didn’t make it onto the team.
  5. Winston Churchill was born in a ladies’ room during a dance.
  6. Amazing fact is that Winston Churchill, feared January 24 because he was certain it was destined to be the day of his death. Churchill’s father had died on that date. Churchill did indeed die on January 24, 1965.
  7. Winston Churchill’s severe stutter made him a great speaker! Amazingly almost every single witty retort or ingenious speech was written days in advance to being said . Churchill would spend hours and hours studying and practicing.
  8. At his first year of Harrow, Amazingly Winstom Churchill was at the bottom of whole school !
  9. Benjamin Franklin was the youngest son of a youngest son of a youngest son of a youngest son.
  10. Amazingly Al Gore invented the words “internet” and “Global warming”.
  11. There were amazing 42 known assassination attempts on Adolf Hitler.
  12. Ultimately, Hitler took his own life on April 30, 1945. He shot himself in the head with his own pistol.
  13. Fact is Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian, and had only one testicle.
  14. Hitler was a tax evader. When he became chancellor of Germany in 1934 he had evaded paying 405,500 million Reichsmarks in tax (6.3 million USD in today’s currency). Fortunately for Hitler, he was forgiven his tax debts when he was elected.
  15. In 1938, Time Magazine chose Adolf Hitler for man of the year.
  16. Amazingly Hitler and Mussolini both feared cats.
  17. Hitler had a portrait of Henry Ford behind his desk regarding him as an “inspiration”.
  18. Hitler was saved from drowning by a priest when he was 4 years old.
  19. Hitler’s first love was a Jewish girl. Lacking courage , he never spoke to her.
  20. Hitler led the first anti smoking campaign in modern history.
  21. During the first world war , a British soldier spared a life of wounded German soldier , Adolf Hitler.
  22. Amazing fact is that Saddam Hussein had a Koran that was written in his own blood over a period of 2 years!
  23. Ignce Paderewski, one of the greatest concert pianists of all time, was also premier of Poland.
  24. Kim II Sung , the founder of North Korea was born on the day Titanic sunk.
  25. The Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has a second job! Amazingly he teaches History at a high school in The Hague two hours each week!
  26. Donald Rumsfeld was both the youngest and the oldest defence secretary in USA history.
  27. Time magazine named Joseph Stalin Man of the Year in 1942.
  28. Amazingly Stalin didn’t start learning Russian until he was 8. His mother tongue was Georgian.
  29. Stalin’s guards were so much afraid of him that no one called a doctor until 12 hours after he suffered a stroke.
  30. Amazing fact was that they feared that in case he recovered , they may be executed for acting outside his orders.

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