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Random Amazing Facts Part 16

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  • Amazing fact is if Earth’s history were condensed into 24 hours, life would’ve appeared at around 4 a.m., land plants at 10:24 pm, dinosaur extinction at 11:41 pm, and human history would’ve begun at 11:58:43 pm.
  • When oxygen first developed on Earth, it in fact wiped out nearly 99% of all life.
  • When Schwarzenegger turned down the planned sequel to Commando, it was reworked to star Bruce Willis and was retitled Die Hard.
  • Amazing fact is Samsung is also a full time weapons manufacturer.
  • Cats are one of the only animals to domesticate themselves and approached humans on their own terms.
  • In fact every year in ancient Athens, citizens could vote to banish any person from the city for 10 years.
  • Amazing fact is in USA, it is Possible for the Jury in a criminal trial to find the accused not-guilty despite being legally guilty as they believe the law to be unjust/wrong. This is known as Jury Nullification.
  • Mary is mentioned more in the Quran than in the entire New Testament and is also the only woman mentioned by name in the Quran.
  • A homeless man held up and robbed a bank for $1, then sat down and waited for police to arrest him so he could receive healthcare in prison.
  • Honey badgers emits smelly, suffocating secretions from its anal glands to fumigate hives, causing bees to flee and leave their honey for the honey badger.
  • Amazingly crows recognize human faces and hold grudges against ones they do not like.
  • It’s amazing that about 15% of snails survive digestion by birds and are found alive in their droppings, potentially leading to the spread of snail populations.
  • The first vending machine, a device that dispensed holy water in exchange for a coin was invented in the first century A.D. in Alexandria.
  • On the day of the High School final exams in Korea, government workers can arrive one hour late to reduce traffic congestion, motorists can’t honk their horns near exam venues, and flight schedules are altered. Police, taxis and motorcyclists offer free rides to students who need them.
  • Adam Rainer is the only person in recorded history ever to have been both a dwarf and a giant. At age 18, he measured 4 feet 8.3 inches. When he died at age 50 he measured 7 feet 8 inches. 

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