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  1. Rats are rodents which are the largest species of mammals. Nearly half of all mammal species are rodents.
  2. The term rat generally refers to the two main species of house rat, the Norway rat and the Roof rat. Both species originated in Asia, but have spread throughout the world by human travel. They both belong to the genus Rattus, which includes 51 species.
  3. An rat’s life span is two to three years but most die within one year.
  4. It is estimated that there are 70 million rats scurrying around New York City alone.
  5. Average body of Rat is 25 cm long with tail being a further 20 cm. Average weight is 350-450 gm for females and 450-650 gm for males.
  6. A group of rats is called a mischief.
  7. The Mallomys rat  found in Papua, New Guinea grows to be about 2.7 kilograms) or 5 times larger than the average rat.
  8. Rats have very poor eyesight and are colorblind.
  9. Rats use their whiskers to feel where they are going because their eyesight is too poor. This is why you’ll rarely see one out in the open where its whiskers aren’t touching a border of some sort. This would leave them vulnerable to predators.
  10. Amazingly most rats are right-handed. Amazingly rats do not have any thumbs.
  11. Amazing fact is that the rats multiply so quickly that in 18 months, two rats could have over million descendants.
  12. It’s amazing that a rat can go without water longer than a camel can. Amazingly a kangaroo rat (genus dipodomys) can spend its entire life without drinking water in desert. They get most of the moisture needed from the seeds they eat.
  13. Rats have excellent memories. Once they learn a navigation route, they won’t forget it.
  14. Rats don’t have canine teeth.
  15. Rats’ tails help them to balance, communicate and regulate their body temperature.
  16. Amazing fact is an adult rat can squeeze into your home through a hole as small as the size of a quarter.
  17. Both male and female rats will urinate around their territory as form of scent-marking. The rodents have highly developed olfactory senses, and the chemicals in rats’ urine serve as their personal identification and for a mate. Rats will even pee on top each other’s scent marking, an act called counter-marking to establish dominance.
  18. Amazingly a rat can fall from a five story building without injury.
  19. A rat can tread water for three days and survive being flushed down the toilet.And it can return to the building via the same route.
  20. The heart of a mouse beats amazing 650 times per minute!
  21. Amazing fact is rats destroy estimated 1/3 rd of the World’s food supply.
  22. Rats do not sweat. They regulate their temperature by constricting or expanding blood vessels in their tails.
  23. Amazing fact is since rats get into food so often, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration actually allows a set amount of rat droppings in commercial food products.
  24. When happy, rats have been observed to chatter or grind their teeth. This is often accompanied by vibrating eyes.
  25. Amazing fact is rats can’t vomit or burp because of a limiting wall between their two stomachs and their inability to control the diaphragm muscles needed for the action. That is the reason why rat poison works.
  26. Rats have bellybuttons. They don’t have gallbladders and tonsils.
  27. Red discharge from a rat’s nose or eyes is usually porphyrin not blood , produced in glands behind the rat’s eyes. Unlike blood, porphyrin is flourescent under UV light. Overproduction of this discharge can be caused by stress or illness.
  28. Rats take care of injured and sick rats in their group. Without companionship rats tend to become lonely and depressed. Rats use high-frequency sounds to communicate with each other.
  29. Rats make happy “laughter” sounds when they play.
  30. Fact is rats are a very clean animal; they spend several hours per day grooming them.
  31. Amazing fact is that the sperm of a mouse is actually longer than the sperm of an elephant.
  32. The Bubonic Plague is by the bacillus yersinia pestis carried by fleas and transmitted normally by rodents including the rat. It has claimed 200 Million lives.
  33. Besides plague rats are known to transmit potentially fatal diseases to humans, including viral hemorrhagic fever, Weil’s disease, and Q fever.
  34. Amazingly a rat can swim for three days before it drowns.
  35. Rats’ and beavers front teeth grow 4½ to 5½ inches each year. They  wear them down by continuously gnawing on everything around them, including cement, brick, wood, lead pipes, and other small animals to keep them at a manageable length.
  36. Amazing thing is their teeth would eventually grow into their brain if they didn’t maintain them.
  37. A rat’s teeth are harder than iron or steel, and are easily able to gnaw through substances like wood and metals such as copper and aluminum easily.
  38. Rats enjoy chocolate. Unlike dogs, it won’t hurt them.
  39. The saliva of moles contains a toxin that paralyzes earthworms and as such, they are able to store their living prey for later consumption. For the purpose of storage, moles construct underground ‘larders’, where they store the paralyzed earthworms.
  40. Amazing fact is moles are able to tunnel through 300 feet of earth in a day.
  41. They dig their tunnels all the time and continuously search for food. Amazingly a mole can die of starvation, if it doesn’t get food in  12 hours.
  42. Amazing fact is that the star-nosed mole is that it can fetch and eat food at a faster pace than the human eye can follow.
  43. Predators for rat are humans , Owls , hawks, snakes, dogs , cat  etc.
  44. Large sized the Gambian pouched rat in its native Africa is intelligent enough to detect land mines. It is small enough to climb over the mines without detonating them. It has also shown a marked propensity for detecting tuberculosis in sputum far quicker than humans can through more scientific methods.
  45. The oils in cedar and pine are toxic to rats, and should not be used in their bedding materials.
  46. In 2006 it was revealed that a team of scientists at Tel Aviv University in Israel had created a brain chip out of rat neurons.
  47. Rats were one of the first animals sent into outer space. In 1961 the first rat to see outer space was launched from France.
  48. Rats have starred or appeared in over 400 films and close to one hundred television series.
  49. At the Karni Mata Temple in Deshoke, India, rats are actually treated with veneration and respect  being the vehicle of Lord Ganesh. The temple houses at least 20,000 rats that religious devotees visit. Priests and pilgrims will feed them grain and milk. Eating food nibbled on by a temple rat or having a rat runs across one’s feet are all considered signs of good fortune.
  50. Rat Island off the Alaskan coast is a prime example of the rat’s impressive reproductive powers. In 1780, a Japanese boat infested with sewer rats shipwrecked on its shores, and the pests subsequently took over the habitat killing off masses of resident seabirds and kept the avian population in check for the next two centuries. In 2008, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service coated the island with poisoned grain in an effort to eradicate the rat population but in vain.

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