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  1. Silver is real currency unlike fiat currencies printed out of thin air backed just by assurance from federal government in the our world with looming currency and debt crisis. Value of Silver has been suppressed for many years by banking cartel and it’s value can rise precipitously in near future as cartel is facing crisis.
  2. Man learned to separate silver from lead as early as 3,000 B.C. Silver has been mined and prized for its beauty and durability for at least 6,000 years. Silver nuggets or crystals of pure silver in fact exist in nature. Silver also occurs as a natural alloy with gold that is called electrum.
  3. The primary source of silver today is from Mexico followed by Peru. The United States, Canada, Russia, China and Australia also produce silver. Around two-thirds of the silver obtained today is a by-product of copper, lead, and zinc mining.
  4. The symbol for silver in the periodic table of elements is Ag. This comes from the Latin name for the metal which is Argentum.
  5. Argentina is in fact the only country to be named after a chemical element after Argentum .
  6. Silver has been coined to use as money since 700 BC.
  7. Amazing Fact is that in ancient Egypt and Medieval Europe, silver was often more valuable than gold.
  8. Words for silver and money are the same in at least fourteen languages.
  9. In ancient China babies were traditionally given a silver necklace which was placed around their neck to ward off evil spirits.
  10. Hippocrates wrote that silver had beneficial healing and anti disease properties. The expression ‘born with a silver spoon in their mouth’ stems from health rather than wealth status, as children fed with silver utensils were believed to be healthier.
  11. Coins minted in the United States prior to 1965 consisted of about 90% silver. Kennedy half dollars minted in the United States between 1965 to 1969 had 40% silver.
  12. In many countries, Sterling Silver (92.5% silver, 7.5% copper) is the standard for Jewelry and has been since the 14th century. The copper toughens the silver and makes it possible to use silver 925 for decorative and fashionable jewelry.
  13. Silver is in fact the whitest color of any metal.The crystal structure of silver is cubic.
  14. Silver is harder than gold, but softer than copper.
  15. Silver is stable in oxygen and water, but it tarnishes in air because of a reaction with Hydrogen Sulphide and Ozone to form a black sulfide layer.
  16. Silver’s melting point is 1761 degrees F or 960 degrees C.
  17. Silver’s unique properties restrict its substitution in most applications.
  18. In modern times silver is also used in dentistry, electronics, photography, mirrors and in a number of industrial applications that make use of its unique properties. The silver used is not available for recycling most of the times raising the possibility of silver being extinct in 25 years!
  19. Amazing thing is that Silver is not toxic but almost all of the silver salts are poisonous.
  20. Silver is the best conductor of electricity of all elements. In fact, silver defines conductivity , all other metals are compared against it. On a scale of 0 to 100, silver ranks 100, with copper at 97 and gold at 76.
  21. Silver has in fact made photography possible. Silver halide crystals are present in unexposed film.
  22. Silver is used in long life batteries. Billions of silver oxide-zinc batteries are in use everyday powering everything from quartz watches to digital cameras.
  23. Most mirrors are backed with aluminum. For a highest quality finish, silver is used because of its high quality reflectivity. Silver has the highest degree of optical reflectivity of all elements. A silver mirror can reflect about 95% of the visible light spectrum. However, silver is a poor reflector of ultraviolet light.
  24. The transitional lenses in your eye glasses are made with silver halide. These lenses can change light transmission from 96% to 22% in less than one minute and they effectively block 97% of the damaging ultraviolet rays from sunlight. This changes can be reversed over and over again.
  25. Silver is more ductile than any element except gold. One ounce of silver can be amazingly drawn into 8,000 feet of thin wire.
  26. Silver is more malleability than any element except gold. One grain of silver can be made into a sheet amazing one hundred and fifty times thinner than a piece of paper.
  27. The silver iodide has been used for cloud seeding, to cause clouds to produce rain and try to control hurricanes.
  28. Rolls Royce jet engines use silver coated bearings  to give their engines the high degree of performance and safety demanded by the industry.
  29. Silver fulminate is a very powerful explosive.
  30. Silver in pure form is not harmful and can be used as a food decoration. In India, food can be found decorated with a thin layer of silver, known as Varakh .
  31. Silver has superior bactericidal qualities. Small concentrations of silver or silver salts kill bacteria by chemically affecting the cell membranes, causing them to break down. Bacteria do not develop resistance to silver, as they do to many antibiotics.
  32. Silver ion technology is being used in the new Samsung washing machine reducing the build up of bacteria and odors on fabrics without bleach.
  33. After testing 23 methods of purifying water, NASA chose silver as the purifying agent on the first Space Shuttle program.
  34. A typical modern washing machine requires 16 silver contacts to control its electric motor, pump, and gear clutch and a  fully-equipped car may have over 40 silver tipped switches to start the engine, activate power steering, brakes, windows, mirrors, locks, and other electrical accessories.
  35. Do you know that every time We turn on a microwave oven, dishwasher, clothes washer, or television set, the action activates a switch with silver contacts that completes the required electrical circuit ?

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