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Amazing Facts

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  • Amazingly during WWI, at one point, skirmishing Russian and German forces had to declare a temporary truce to fight off a sudden onslaught of wolves that were making regular raids on trenches. The joint operation was successful.
  • Amazing fact is twin brothers Jim Lewis and Jim Springer separated at birth and reunited 39 years later lived almost parallel lives. Both were named James, both owned a dog named Toy, both had married twice; first to women named Linda and second to women named Betty. Both drove Chevys, smoked Salem cigarettes and drank Miller Lite.
  • Shahid Afridi used Sachin Tendulkar’s bat to hit his fastest century in 36 balls in Cricket.
  • Amazingly during the Italian invasion of France, 9 French soldiers defended the Pont Saint Louis against 5000 Italians for 10 days, of which 700 Italians were killed or injured. Eventually an Armistice was agreed.
  • At normal speed, it takes a fully loaded supertanker/oil tanker approximately 20 minutes to stop. Therefore they cut their engines 15 miles away from the dock.
  • Adam’s Bridge or Ramsetu is a chain of limestone shoals, between Pamban Island also known as Rameswaram Island, off the southeastern coast of Tamil Nadu, India, and Mannar Island, off the northwestern coast of Sri Lanka. It’s about 18 miles (30 km) long. It was completely above sea level passable on foot up to the 15th century until it broke in a cyclone in AD 1480. Currently water is only 3-30 feet deep.
  • Pineapples contain an enzyme that breakdown proteins in your mouth. So when you eat a pineapple, it is eating you back.
  • Nearly 80% of people who die from drowning in the USA are male.
  • Only 8% of the world’s currency is physical money, the rest amazingly only exists on computers.
  • Freckles, a goat in Utah, was implanted with spider genes as an embryo to produce spider silk proteins in her milk, which is used to make “biosteel,” a material stronger than kevlar.
  • In 1999, a fisherman found a love letter in a bottle from a WWI soldier. He returned said letter to the now deceased widow’s 86 year old daughter.
  • In 1914, Henry Ford doubled his worker’s wages out of pocket, causing wages to rise competitively nationwide. He profited as his sales increased as many more Americans were able to afford his Model T.
  • The Japanese pilot who attacked a town in Oregon during WWII in fact returned years later to present his family’s 400 year old sword in apology.
  • Amazing fact is that Cannabis is the largest cash crop in the U.S., exceeding corn and wheat combined.
  • Every year in the Greek town of Vrontados, two rival church congregations perform a “Rocket War” by firing tens of thousands of home-made rockets across town, with the objective of hitting the bell tower of the church of the other side.

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