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40 Amazing Nature Facts to Astonish You (Part 2)  | Amazing Facts 4U

  1. Each day, amazing 150 species of life become extinct.
  2. It is impossible for a solar eclipse to last for more than 7 minutes 58 seconds.
  3. Amazing fact is that one inch (2.5cm) of rain is equal to 10 inches (25cm) of snow.
  4. The world’s densest wood, the Black Ironwood (Olea laurifolia), does not float on water and therefore sinks.
  5. The oldest and largest clearly visible meteorite crater site in the world is The Vredefort Dome in Free State, South Africa. It is 380 km across.
  6. Dust from Africa can travel all the way to Florida.
  7. Lake Nicaragua in Nicaragua is amazingly the only fresh water lake in the world that has sharks.
  8. Europe is the only continent without a desert.
  9. It is amazing that the sound made by the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe is so loud that it can be heard 40 miles away.
  10. Angel Falls in Venezuela is the worlds highest waterfall, The water of Falls drops 3,212 feet (979 meters).
  11. Tremendous erosion at the base of Niagara Falls (USA) undermines the shale cliffs and as a result the falls have receded amazing 7 miles over the last 10,000 years.
  12. Fact is that about 100000 cubic feet of water pours over the Niagara falls every second.
  13. Angel falls in Venezuela is the highest fall in the World nearly 20 times higher than Niagara falls.
  14. Bodies that drown in Lake Tahoe rarely surface or decompose. The frigid temperatures of the lake don’t allow bodies to decompose which releases gases like carbon dioxide, oxygen, methane, etc. and allow the body to rise to the surface of the water. Therefore, bodies don’t surface in the lake either.
  15. A lake Karachay in Russia near their testing site in Mayak is so radioactive due to dumping of radio active material that amazingly you can die in less than an hour of being near it!
  16. 20% of the entire world’s unfrozen freshwater is in Lake Baikal located in the south of Eastern Siberia in Russia .Its average depth is 730 m which is deepest in the world and it is also thought to be the world’s oldest lake at 25 million years!
  17. Clouds fly higher during the day than the night.
  18. The greatest snowfall ever in a single storm was amazing 189 inches at the Mount Shasta Ski Bowl in February, 1959.
  19. Two objects have struck the earth with enough force to destroy a whole city. Each object, one in 1908 and again in 1947, struck regions of Siberia. Not one human being was hurt either time.
  20. If a rainbow is seen from a plane, amazingly it is possible to see the rainbow as an entire circle and not just an arc.
  21. Amazingly Angel Falls in Venezuela is so high at over 3200 feet that the water often evaporates before it can land.
  22. Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park in Madagascar contains a gigantic limestone formation (called the tsingy). This forest that is made entirely of it. Ninety percent of the animals that inhabit this 600-square-mile refuge are species that can be found no where else on Earth!
  23. There is a place in Austria that is a dry park in the Winter, and a 10 mtr deep lake in the summer!
  24. Devil’s Kettle Falls in Judge C. R. Magney State Park, on the north shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota . It is an unusual waterfall where amazing fact is that the water plummets for 50 feet and then disappears into a hole and no one knows where it goes.
  25. Australia has a lake that is naturally pink! Lake Hillier located on the largest Archipelago island in Australia is pink. The lake is only a few steps away from the normal blue colored Southern Ocean. Scientists can’t actually figure out why the lake is so stubbornly pink.
  26. The Great Barrier Reef is the biggest living thing on earth being 1800 miles long !
  27. On top of Mt. Everest, water can boil at 156.2 °F (69 °C).
  28. It’s amazing that a river in Thailand randomly shoots red fireballs into the air. No one knows why. The Mekong river is about 70 – 100 km downstream from Vientiane, capital of Laos.
  29. Amazing fact is that there’s a Lightning storm in Venezuela where the Catatumbo River meets the Lake Maracaibo that’s been going on since at least the 16th century. There is lightning for 280 times an hour, 10 hours a day for 160 nights a year !
  30. Amazing thing is that the Amazon River is responsible for 20% of all the fresh water that flows into the world’s oceans! It dumps so much water into the ocean that it modifies the color and salinity of the Atlantic for nearly 200 miles from the delta. It could be 20 miles wide during rainy season.
  31. There’s a lake in Indonesia that has the same pH value as car battery acid!  The Kawah Ijen Lake is located in a crater and is the largest sulfuric acid lake in the world. The actual pH level in the lake is amazing 0.5! If you put aluminium can in the lake , it will start to dissolve.
  32. The smell of rain is caused by some types of Actinobacteria, the Actinomycetes in the soil which are responsible for the odor that comes from the soil after it rains, mostly in warmer climates.
  33. You can’t sink in lava and die as depicted in most movies, because it’s too dense!  lava is 3100 kilograms per cubic meter versus water at 1000 kilograms per cubic meter.
  34. In 536 AD there was a world-wide dust cloud that blocked out the sun for a full year. It is still a mystery why it happened.
  35. All the beautiful colors you see and world you see represent less than 1% of the electromagnetic spectrum.
  36. You also hear less than 1 % of the acoustic spectrum.
  37. Atoms in your body are 99.9999999999999999% empty space.
  38. Amazing fact is as you read this you are traveling at 220 km / sec. across the galaxy.
  39. Existence of the rainbow depends upon the conical photo receptors in your eyes. Amazing that for animals without it , rainbow doesn’t exist.
  40. The Hudson River along the island of Manhattan flows in either direction depending on the tide.  On December 16th 1811 , the mighty Mississippi river began to flow backwards due to a powerful earthquake.

By Amazing Facts 4U Team

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