Enthralling Facts

Enthralling Facts

15  Enthralling Facts Amazing Facts 4U

  • When you look up at the blue sky and see white dots flying around, amazingly you’re actually seeing your own white blood cells.
  • Amazing fact is  “North Star” or the Polaris is actually a set of three stars orbiting each other .
  • Yungay, Peru was the site of the deadliest avalanche in history. In 1962, two American scientists amazingly predicted the calamity, and were consequently forced to flee by the government. Eight years later, their prediction came true and 20,000 people were killed in a day.
  • Amazing fact is that Until World War II, tea was still used as a form of currency in Siberia.
  • When preparing for his role in The Last of the Mohicans (1992), actor Daniel Day Lewis in fact taught himself how to live as a survivalist and refused to eat anything that he hadn’t killed himself.
  • The world’s biggest helicopter MI 26 can carry other smaller airplanes and even helicopters.
  • Usain Bolt ate nothing but chicken nuggets while he was in Beijing because that was “the only thing he knew” and won 3 gold medals.
  • If you microwave a sliced grape, it can amazingly explode in a fireball of super-heated plasma.
  • The longest prison sentence ever requested was 384,912 years of jail, against a 22 years old postman in Spain, who was accused of failing to deliver 42,768 letters. This sentence was requested by the prosecutor, while actually he was sentenced only to 14 years and 2 months of imprisonment.
  • Dolphins give each other names and will answer to it even when called by dolphins they don’t know.
  • The only coup in the history of the United States took place in North Carolina in 1898. The plotters kidnapped the mayor of Wilmington and installed their own mayor.
  • Nazis formed a plan in 1939 to counterfeit the British pound to cause hyperinflation. Using a German concentration camp, they manufactured 132 million GBP, which is the equivalent of 6-7 billion modern-day pounds and partially succeeded.
  • There is a population of radioactive wild boars in Germany, contaminated by radioactivity leftover from the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown over two decades ago and their number is rising.
  • The first ever proposal to tunnel under the English Channel was in fact put forward by a Frenchman in 1802. It would have had illumination from oil lamps, horse-drawn coaches, and an artificial island mid-Channel for changing horses.
  • A Norwegian rockslide (About 8000 years ago) is believed to have created a tsunami so powerful that it turned Britain from a European peninsula into an island.

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