Exhilarating Facts

Exhilarating Facts
15  Exhilarating Facts | Amazing Facts 4U

  • Amazing Fact is that in 2011, two men paraglided from the summit of Mt. Everest, arriving at a village in 42min, thereby avoiding the dangerous conventional 3 day descent.
  • Amazingly “Roman” fonts such as Times New Roman are all based on one man’s handwriting.
  • Men and women’s clothes are buttoned on opposite sides because in high societies, men generally dressed themselves whereas women were dressed by servants. Reversing the buttons on women’s clothes made the job faster and easier.
  • Three triplets separated at birth ended up all going to the same college in New York in 1980, meeting each other there.
  • Amazingly scientists have created a computer memory crystal that can store 360 TB of data that can last approximately a million years by using pure silica.
  • The average height of European male has grown by 11 cm in just over a century.
  • In 1972, a Serbian flight attendant, Vesna Vulović fell for 33000 ft (10000 m) after the plane she was flying in was torn apart by an explosive device. Amazingly she survived the fall without permanent injuries.
  • License plates in the Canadian Northwest Territories used to be shaped like polar bears.
  • Table Knives are rounded instead of pointed to prevent people from picking their teeth and from stabbing each other.
  • Russia secretly had maps so detailed of the Canadian Arctic during the Cold War that other ships now use them over official maps.
  • When bitten by caterpillars, plants amazingly send Chemical SOS signals to parasitic wasps that attack the caterpillars.
  • During World War II, a German U-boat in fact sank due to a toilet malfunction.
  • During the 1916 Rising in Dublin, the British and Irish Troops fighting at St. Stephen’s Green held daily ceasefires to allow the park-keeper feed the ducks that lived there.
  • Mikhail Kalishnikov, inventor of the AK-47, greatly regretted having invented the weapon.
  • The first Canadian casualties of the Afghanistan war were from an American pilot bombing a training exercise.

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