Fascinating Facts

Fascinating Facts

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  • In North Korea, amazingly the citizen are forced to choose one of 28 government-approved haircuts.
  • In the ancient Persian Empire, men used to debate ideas twice, once when sober and once when drunk, because an idea had to sound good in both states in order to be considered a good idea.
  • Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt sold the rights for the first images of their twins to People and Hello! Magazines for $14 million for the Jolie-Pitt Foundation, thereby making them the most expensive celebrity pictures ever taken.
  • Amazingly NASA had to re-label the sleeve for urinating in space suits from “small, medium, and large” to “large, gigantic, and humungous” because astronauts would only choose the large and they kept slipping off.
  • You can actually donate your voice to help people with speech impairments so that they can select a vocal identity of their own.
  • Nehru and Indira Gandhi , Prime Ministers of India awarded Bharat Ratna , the highest civilian award to themselves. Amazingly Mahatma Gandhi has still not been awarded one.
  • Amazing fact is that there’s a bar in Ireland that opened in the year 900 A.D. and is still operational. It is named “Sean’s Bar”
  • Jon Stewart is the highest-paid late night host, making an estimated $25-30 million per year.
  • Despite Apple’s recent decade of marketing successes, latest statistics show that Windows PC still holds over 90% market share.
  • In 1990, blind hiker Bill Irwin at age 50 amazingly completed the Appalachian Hiking Trail (2160-mile) spanning from Georgia to Maine with the help of his seeing guide dog ‘Orient’ without compass, map or GPS accomplishing something very difficult even for a man with sight. Marked with white paint, the AT travels over high peaks and winds through deep woods. It crosses rivers and roads and boulder fields as it traverses 14 states. It took him 8 months.
  • There’s a small sculpture on the moon named “Fallen Astronaut” made by Belgian artist Paul Van Hoeydonck and placed by the crew of Apollo 15 in 1971. It is in fact the only sculpture on the moon.
  • American author, Mark Twain repaid his pre-bankruptcy creditors in full, though he had no legal obligation to do so. He said, “Honor is a harder master than the law”.
  • In Sweden, your car headlights have to be on at all times when driving, even in broad daylight.
  • Nicolas Cage (born Nicolas Coppola) changed his last name at the beginning of his career in order to avoid any favoritism he might receive as the nephew of the legendary director Francis Ford Coppola (directed “The Godfather”, “The Godfather II”, “Apocalypse Now” etc).
  • One of the testing shafts of the 1998 nuclear tests by India was in fact code named “White House.”

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