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  1. There are 320 different species of hummingbird found throughout the America. The smallest of all is the tiny bee hummingbird, Mellsuga helenae. They are among the tiniest of birds.
  2. Each species of hummingbird makes a different humming sound, determined by the number of wing beats per second.
  3. They have a short, high-pitched squeaky call.
  4. Amazingly hummingbirds can’t walk as feet are weak and they weigh less than a penny.
  5. Amazing fact is that a hummingbird’s brain is 4.2% of its body weight, the largest proportion in the bird kingdom.
  6. Male hummingbirds are reported to have achieved amazing speeds of almost 400 body lengths per second when swooping in an effort to impress females.
  7. Amazing fact is that a humming bird flaps its wings up to 90 times in one second or over 5000 times a minute. Each species of hummingbird makes a different humming sound, determined by the number of wing beats per second.
  8. During courtship, the wingtips of the ruby-throated hummingbird beats amazingly up to 200 times per second, as opposed to the usual wing beat of 90 times per second.
  9. Amazingly hummingbirds are the only birds that can fly both forward and backwards. They can also hover in mid-air, fly sideways and even upside-down.
  10. It’s amazing that hummingbirds are the only birds that can fly backwards .
  11. The hummingbird needs to eat twice its bodyweight in food every day, and to do so they must visit hundreds of flowers daily. Amazingly a hummingbird will visit an average of 1,000 flowers per day for nectar.
  12. Their super fast wing beats use up a lot of energy, so they spend most of the day sitting around resting.
  13. Hummingbirds are very smart and they can amazingly remember every flower they have been to, and how long it will take a flower to refill.
  14. Hummingbirds can hear better than humans and can see farther than humans.
  15. Amazingly hummingbirds can see ultraviolet light.
  16. Hummingbirds have little to no sense of smell.
  17. A hummingbird’s tongue is grooved like the shape of a “W”. They have tiny hairs on the tip of the tongue to help lap up nectar.
  18. Hummingbirds do not drink though their beaks like a straw. They lap up nectar with their tongues.
  19. A hummingbird’s heart amazingly beats up to 1,260 times per minute during action. Even at rest , it beats about 250 times per minute.
  20. The hummingbird’s body temperature is around 107 degrees Fahrenheit.
  21. Despite their tiny size, the ruby-throated hummingbird makes a remarkable annual migration, flying over 3000 km from the eastern USA, crossing over 1000km of the Gulf of Mexico in a single journey to winter in Central America.
  22. The ruby-throated hummingbird has only approximately 940 feathers on its entire body.
  23. It’s amazing that when hummingbirds sleep at night, they go into a hibernation-like state called torpor to conserve energy.  The metabolic rate is one-fifteenth (1/15) of normal sleep. Heart rate can drop to as few as 50 beats per minute. The body temperature drops  to as low as 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
  24. The male takes no responsibility in rearing the young and may find another mate after the first brood hatches.
  25. Fact is that it can take up to an hour for a hummingbird to fully recover from torpor. Torpor can be fatal to a weak hummingbird.

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